Outstanding quality cannot guarantee customer satisfaction all by itself, of course – but it is an essential basis for the decisions made by our clients, our suppliers and our business partners.

Product quality is not the only cornerstone of odelo’s success. We take an integrated approach, and our quality expectations are influencing our processes as well. That is the only way to make sure of customer satisfaction, and thus of our own commercial success.


Aside from efficient systems, maintaining quality at a high standard also requires employees who are able to see potential sources of defects, keep defects from ever happening, and correct problems on their own initiative if they arise. To master these ever-growing challenges, our central quality management supports our sites in implementing and pursuing our shared quality standards.

Naturally, all companies of the odelo Group are certified to the latest standards commonly applied in the automotive industry (such as ISO/TS 16949:2009, ISO 9001:2008, etc.).

The odelo Group’s quality principles are:

  • Customer orientation, customer satisfaction
  • Contented, motivated, dedicated employees
  • A culture of business excellence
  • Compliance with the principles of law
  • Continuous improvement
  • Long-term relationships with suppliers 


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